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The growth of a community thrives on creating positive connections with people and a desire to be part of something meaningful. A place to live, work, play, and to be inspired. Belford Properties believe that youth can have a huge impact on community, helping to shape the future with new ideas through education and art. An investment in youth and education is much more rewarding than one can imagine, especially in the community that they grow up in. 

That type of investment is something we keenly sought out, hoping to work with an organization that places an importance on education and art with children in the neighbourhood. Through Burnaby Neighbourhood House, we can now let the kids do their thing.


Education in art is a long process of subtle and progressive influence. As the proverb goes, “If you want 10 years of prosperity, grow trees. If you want 100 years of prosperity, grow people.”

Art can appear in many forms: illustrations on a piece of paper, an impromptu dance, or even a favourite melody to be hummed. Yet, for various reasons, there are many children in our city who lack access to art. Imagine if they had access through art programs to explore their creative side and express their feelings. What can we learn from their optimism? Where can we showcase their exploration and dreams?

Belford Properties’ vision of this project is “Building community. Creating connections.” With the emphasis on education and art, we partnered with Burnaby Neighbourhood House to enhance artistic environments for children for years to come, with yearly donations towards art programs.

Starting from the community where the Belford project is located with after-school art programs at various Burnaby schools, students are provided with skillful instructors from BNH along with painting supplies. We are also providing a large platform with a specially designed construction hoarding which is dedicated to showcase their artwork and hopefully inspire the community.


Located on Beresford Street across from the Metrotown Skytrain Station, the three-year art wall fundraising campaign is built on children’s art with the magical idea of rain + sunshine = growth. The first part of the project is inspired by the celebration of rain and colourful umbrellas in our city and the nourishment that comes from it. A second phase will highlight children’s artwork featuring sunny images while the art installation will naturally grow into a colourful wall of flowers, bees, and nature. The intent is to foster a healthy and prosperous multi-cultural community through the influence and presentation of art.

The art created by the kids in the program will be enlarged to an impressive scale that will brighten up the street and be seen by thousands of commuters passing through the Metrotown Skytrain Station. Also integrated in the art installation is an LED lighting system that enhances the artwork. A coin donation box under the installation will add an exciting element to the children’s artwork. 

With each donation, the installation will come to life and light up the entire art wall for all to see. All proceeds will go towards the Burnaby Neighbourhood House to create more opportunities for young people to receive an education in art programs.


You may have noticed the Skytrain posters created by kids to bring attention to their creative talents and wish that you join along. The colourful poster also encourages you to visit the project on social media.

When it comes to this unique urban art installation, everyone will have a chance to share their experience with the art wall by using the hashtag #celebratebby on social media. Don’t forget to include why you love living in Burnaby and how you think we can create a better community.

 Interested in contributing to your community and joining us on this fun art project? We look forward to hearing from you! Please send your info and portfolio to


  • ORGANIZATIONS AND INDIVIDUALS: Looking for a platform to showcase your talent? Whether you’re a group or an individual, come and join our Pop-Up Events.
  • VOLUNTEERS: We are looking for photography and video production assistants, sound and lighting assistants, costume and props assistants, crowd control, and event helpers, etc. Let’s build a stronger community and enjoy the moment together! (All volunteers must be at least 18 years old.)
  •  ONLINE CONTESTS: Follow our social media and Belford Properties’ website to find out how you can enter neighbourhood contests and win prizes.
  • DONATIONS: Art and culture require much needed contributions. In time, the benefits will resonate with local families, our community, and future generations. It’s never too late to show your support! 


Belford Properties cares about the quality of life for residents in the community and in creating quality homes in our diverse neighbourhoods. We firmly believe in giving back and supporting the community. “Building community. Creating connections” is an ongoing commitment through significant contributions to Burnaby, Burnaby Neighbourhood House, and through our developments and initiatives, for years to come.

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