• Today is the first National Day for Truth &Reconciliation in Canada. We are taking this time to learn from the history and never forget.

  • We are proud to announce that Dansey’s demolition has finished! Stay tuned with us for more construction updates!

  • Our bathrooms at REVIVE are spa inspired. What that means is that you can have a spa-like experience while carrying out your daily routine in our bathrooms. The use of large format porcelain tiles on floors and tub surrounds, fixtures in Champagne bronze finish, wall-mounted faucets above double sinks and oversized rainfall showerhead are details that create an elevated, luxurious and polish 5-star hotel ambiance for the user. The materials used are not just for looks, they are also of high functionality. Beyond aesthetics, tiles have very good water proof properties, thus making it durable and easy to clean. REVIVE bathroom is not just a bathroom, it’s your personal spa.

  • Last week we had hosted a realtor appreciation event at Sun Towers experience centre and it was a blast! Thank you everyone for coming and made Sun Towers 1 & 2 a major success! Sun Towers 2 is 75% SOLD, call us now at 604.336.0899 to secure your last chance and live bigger at Metrotown.

  • Vancouver is a vibrant city with numerous parks of varying sizes and REVIVE is ideally situated in the heart of these sprawling parks and green spaces. Within a 3 km radius from REVIVE, there are already a number of big and small parks, such as the famous Queen Elizabeth Park, Langara Park, Tisdall Park, Oak Park and Cambie Park locating at the closest. Cambie Park is 0.93 hectare in size and has dramatic giant redwood trees that separate the small park from the busy Cambie Street. REVIVE also benefited from these sound blocking trees and enjoyed a serene living environment. Living close to a park has many positive impacts to our daily lives. The big green field can be a safe and generous playground for children, a perfect open space for gatherings with family and friends, an encouraging environment for outdoor workouts and an ideal spot for dog walkers and their precious four-legged companions. Basically, this modern Mecca is every outdoor enthusiast’s, cyclists’ and dog walker’s dream.

  • Golfing is a popular sport in Vancouver. From summer to winter, the golf courses, pitch and putt or the driving ranges will be open for those who golf regardless of the weather. There are 66 golf courses in Greater Vancouver and whether they are traditional courses (18 holes) or mini courses (9 holes), Vancouver has some of the top rated golf courses in Canada. ⁣⁣
    Situated right beside REVIVE is Langara Golf Course, one of the oldest golf courses in Vancouver at an age of 95. Built in 1926, Langara Golf Course is a traditional style 18 holes par 71 course. The contoured, tree-lined fairways are easy to walk and make this challenging course appealing to players of all levels.⁣

    Photo credit @langaraproshop

  • Every corner in the home can be a relaxing oasis and the bathroom happens to be an important one. The bathroom is where we begin and end each day and for most people it is a sanctuary where they unwind, find inspiration and just be themselves. It is probably the one room that we take most for granted. ⁣

    At REVIVE, the design and materials used for the bathrooms are taken seriously. We aim to provide an exceptional bathroom environment that are both luxurious and practical for the residents. Better yet, to provide a “spa at home” experience in the bathroom. Use of marble tiles, top branded sanitary wares and brass gold sanitary hardwares are key elements for it’s modern and luxurious ambience. Beyond the aesthetic qualities, tiles are moisture-proof materials, so they are perfect for use in bathrooms and while top branded sanitary wares are simply stylish, what’s more important is that their high quality products could guarantee durability. Each bathroom also features a large three-doors mirror with integrated lights and behind the sleek mirror is a hidden cabinet for everyday bathroom necessities. The hidden mirror cabinet can declutter the tabletop and keeping it pleasant and clean. ⁣

    Every detail of REVIVE living brings wellness in your life. For more details on our design concept and special project features, click the link in our bio!

  • Our wishes to every Canadians, may you all grow and prosper and take our nation to the new height. On this Happy Canada Day, it’s time to embrace our Canadian heritage and be sure to spend this joyous day with family and friends! Happy Canada Day Everyone!

  • While the first phase of REVIVE was sold out very fast, be prepared for the launching of the second phase because we are sure it will be even more anticipated! REVIVE second phase is now open for public preview, click the link in the bio to register!

  • This Sunday is extra special because it’s also Father’s Day! Happy Father’s day to all the awesome dads!

  • Technology has made all types of fruits and vegetables available for people to eat all year round. Although they may look the same, but in season fruits and vegetables actually have more nutrition and flavours than produce that’s not in season. Most importantly our bodies are made to eat seasonally and they can provide necessary nutrients appropriate for the time of year. For example, summer fruits such as berries, peaches, nectarines and other stone fruits contain vitamins that help protect against sun damage. With so many benefits, remember to look out for and eat more of the in season fruits and vegetables during the summer times.⁣

    Have a berry happy week ahead and be well!

  • 75% of our homes have already been secured in the very first weekend of sales at Dansey!⁣

    Dansey homes built from cold-formed steel that could last for nearly 700 years are starting only from mid $400,000’s. ⁣

    While limited homes of 1,2 & 3 bedroom are still available, book an appointment with our sales team now to visit our designer display home. Link in bio 👆👆👆

  • Our approach to wellness is very diverse and lighting is one factor that can have considerable impact on one’s wellbeing. Through mindful designs, we can make use of the beneficial effects from lighting to help improve homeowners’ health. In our REVIVE project, maximizing ceiling height and incorporation of skylight elements can help reduce the use of artificial lighting while allowing more natural lighting to flow into the living space. Natural lighting not only is more energy saving but it also help residents to live a regular and with quality life.

  • How long have you had a good walk around your neighbouhood? Or feeling tired of sitting too much at home? Why not show some supports and walk to your local restaurants to get take-aways? Doing so you could familiarize yourself with your neighbourhood and get some exercising done at the same time! @anhandchi

  • We would like to let all the lovely mothers know that you are incredible and wish you all a Happy Mother’s Day!

  • Dansey allows you to enjoy accessibilitiy without having to sacrifice serenity. Tucked away in a tranquil residential pocket, yet steps to the expanding Lougheed Town Centre. Shopping, services, restaurants and easy access to Lougheed Town Centre Skytrain all at an arm’s reach.

    Register now so you won’t miss this amazing project!

  • If you are a true Vancouverite, you’ve probably taken numerous walking and biking adventures under the rain before and would be familiar with the Arbutus Greenway. Did you know that the Arbutus Greenway built in 2016 was only a temporary asphalt path, but everyday people from the neighbourhood enjoys to walk, bike, roll from False Creek to the Fraser River. Enhancement work is currently underway and in the future it will give people of all ages and abilities places to gather, rest and enjoy the best of Vancouver’s outdoor lifestyle.⁣

    Photo credit📷:@langaravoice

  • Revive strive to incorporate sustainability into luxury living in any way possible. Take the exterior envelope of Revive homes for example, they are all uniquely framed with Cold-Formed Steel, a strong, durable and 100% recycable material that provides a stable structure with a low impact on the natural environment. Furthermore, steel frame structures are also fire resistent, earthquake resistent and when used with concret will provide better sound proofing. Revive is a low-rise residential development and by employing steel frames we are building the homes with the same robustness and quality of a high-rise tower.

  • “Wellness Matters”. Because we believe that wellness is a strong foundation to live well, we’ve created the Wellside Collection, a series of residential developments in Vancouver West. REVIVE will be our first development from this collection and it is a cluster of 93 luxurious steel-framed townhouses on Ash Street and West 52th. The development offers a wide range of homes to accommodate small families and the best value in the area. From one bedroom to 4 bedrooms homes, any kind of buyers will sure find one that best suit their need.

    Stay Tuned for more information on REVIVE!

  • In difficult times like now, having a healthy mind is as equally important as wearing a mask during a pandemic. Our physical health and emotional health are intimately intertwined, so even if we are trying our best to protect and maintain our physical health, we shouldn’t forget to look after our mental health.

    While most are still working remotely from home or not being able to see other family members and friends like pre-pandemic times, it is very easy for us to feel emotionally fragile and weakened. Therefore, we should take extra care of our mental health especially in the current situation. One easy and time efficient method that we can do to maintain our mind is to practice daily meditation. Studies show that even just a few minutes a day, meditating can give many benefits to the mind and the body. Some reported benefits include reducing stress and anxiety, enhancing self-awareness, improving focus and sleep, helping with pain control and decreasing blood pressure.

    We strongly believe that Health and Wellness are crucial to living a happy and well-balanced life, so our principle is to build homes that improve one’s health and wellness.

  • Vancouver West side will soon have a new residential project by Belford. In this familiar and prestigious neighbourhood, it will no doubt be another anticipated project. Stay tuned for more exciting updates!

  • Wonderworld Montessori Academy is the first bilingual Montessori daycare in Metro Vancouver and it is located right inside Belford’s Sun Towers. The academy is open for registration now and Sun Towers is offering it’s homeowners priority access to this amazing childcare facility.

  • Belford presents to you Dansey in Coquitlam West, a low rise living option that offers both quality and affordability at the same time. Centrally located in west coquitlam, intellengently designed and built with steel frame construction for longitivity. Register now to get the latest updates.

  • Belford Sun Towers 1 facade is looking SLEEK! ⁣

    Now that the project’s architectural details are nearly complete, the interior fitting out will roll out very soon and in no time it will be move-in ready. If you ever find yourself attracted to the beauty of this building but missed out on the selling of the Sun Towers 1, hesitate no more and book an appointment now for an indepth viewing of the Belford Sun Towers 2! ⁣

    We are currently having a promotion for the Sun Tower 2 one bedroom units where you can become an owner with only 15% deposit.⁣

    Contact our sales team now at 604.336.0899 for your private tour!

  • How amazing would it be to live in a complex with a pool like this? Belford’s Sun Towers 2 has state-of-the-art amenities and recreational opportunities including an aquatic centre, sauna, athletic centre and more. You would have everything you need for a well-balanced lifestyle right in your condo building!⁣

    Belford’s Sun Towers 2 Plans are masterfully planned and designed with your best quality of living in mind. There are one-bedroom plans now available for purchase. Invest in your future home and wellness by checking out our website and inquiring today.

  • Happy Lunar New Year Everyone from us at Belford Properties! The holiday is full of joyous festivities to celebrate with including indulging in mouthwatering food and spending time with your loved ones. A major aspect of the Spring Festival season includes celebrating with auspicious plants for your home or office to bring good fortune into the new year. It will also positively improve the look and feel of your living space. The various lucky plants include:

    🎍Lucky Bamboo Plants
    💸 Money Trees
    💮 Orchids
    🎋Jade Plants
    🌿 Bromeliads
    🌱 Anthuriums
    🌷 Peace Lilies
    🪴 Salix leucopi thecia
    These traditional Chinese plants are said to bring about wealth, prosperity, fertility, and are even said to have healing and cleansing powers. For instance, the peace lily has air-cleansing properties and can filter chemicals, such as trichloroethylene, formaldehyde, xylene, benzene and ammonia. out of your home! What kind of indoor plant is your favourite?

    Photo Credit: @valentiflower

  • We at Belford Properties continuously build homes that are ideal for living and can cater to a well-balanced lifestyle including chic and comforting interior design, superb amenities and close proximity to everything you could possibly need. Our Sun Towers 2 development is conveniently located in the central Burnaby – Metrotown area making it easy to access nature anytime. The area is home to a variety of outstanding wildlife, leisurely walks, and majestic parks.

    Take full advantage of the area’s expansive network of green spaces by taking a safe socially distanced stroll, run, jog, hike, bike-ride and more. You can even visit to take a necessary breath of fresh air from your continuously busy lives indoors. The various trails of parks like Deer Lake Park and Central Park provide endless opportunities for exploration.

    📸 Photo Credit: @cityofburnaby

  • Do you know that consistently sleeping for fewer than six hours a night can have health risks? The Public Health Agency of Canada recommends at least 7-8 hours of sleep for adults a night. Sleep can have a significant impact on one’s wellness and mental health. Poor sleep can affect your emotions, thought processes, behaviours, and body sensations.

    Focusing on a good night’s sleep can include avoiding alcohol, caffeine, and digital screens too close to bedtime. Belford aims to improve noise and light reduction and air quality in our developments to enhance our resident’s nightly sleep routines. How much do you sleep a night?

  • February 3rd is National Carrot Cake Day which can be a healthier choice for everyday dessert cravings. Belford believes that diet is an important aspect of wellness and it can be beneficial to have a low-sugar sweet treat from time to time but not regularly.

    There is also a smarter way to indulge by opting for healthier treats. This can include having dark chocolate instead of milk chocolate or baked chips instead of fried. What are some of your favourite snacks or meals?

  • Location is a vital factor in deciding and enjoying where you live. Belford Properties strongly believes that where you live is connected to wellness and consistently seeks the most exemplary location to build residential developments. One of the most central communities in the Lower Mainland includes the Lougheed Town Centre area which is the boundary between Burnaby and Coquitlam.

    The location offers relatively affordable living yet provides a short distance to the shopping centre, nature and parks, restaurant and grocery options, schools, and more! The nearby Lougheed Skytrain Station makes for easy access to Vancouver and other major city centres. It is a short distance from the highly-ranked Simon Fraser University with other colleges nearby as well. Burquitlam is also multicultural so it contains a diverse and welcoming community.

    Stay tuned and follow us for updates for a future development in the Lougheed area from Belford here and on our website.

    Photo Credit: @braydubby

  • Belford’s Sun Towers is the top choice development for sophisticated and well-rounded living at Metrotown. Our larger floor plans can provide additional space for your home so you can live in a comfortable and chic environment. With many of us continuing to spend an increased amount of time at home, you should desire a positive and habitable living space. A higher quality and quantity of space will also ensure that residents can partake in their desired activities at home. It has also been shown to increase your mental health to live within a more spacious home. ⁣

    Sun Towers also contains a variety of floorplans befitting any kind of lifestyle that you or your family may live. “It’s time to treat our homes as an investment in wellness” Visit our website in our bio for more information on sales.

  • Do you know what’s really in your drinking water? In BC/Canada, we are lucky to have safe drinking water so readily available to us through our taps but there are various methods of filtration systems that can be used. The City of Metro Vancouver uses a multi-barrier approach to ensuring high-quality water.

    There are also other options for water including the various types of bottled water.
    Mineral water is full of minerals including sulphur, magnesium, and calcium which have health benefits. It can also help aid in digestion but it’s more expensive than tap water.
    Spring or glacier waters are relatively clean and free of toxins. They also contain many of the same helpful minerals found in mineral water.
    Distilled Water is boiled and the steam is collected and condensed back into a liquid.
    Alkaline water has a higher pH level than normal tap water and contains alkaline minerals and negative oxidation-reduction potential (ORP)

    Staying hydrated is vital as we need an average of 8 glasses or 2 litres of water a day to maintain good health. What kind of water do you prefer to drink on a daily basis?

  • Belford Properties strongly believe that the homes we build are focused on wellness and we continue to incorporate beneficial amenities and additions to our developments. The various wellness factors that we emphasize in our buildings include Social Connection, Location and Space, Better Sleep, Quality Air, Quality Water, Lighting, and Thermal Comfort.

    We strive to ensure to build your future home in a central and accessible location to improve your social interactions. There are also efforts made to minimize noise, light-use, and air pollutants to improve your sleep routine for residents.

    Focusing on Health and Wellness is crucial to living a happy and well-balanced lifestyle. Please follow our account and check out our new website for more details and to stay updated on our future developments and sales.

  • Did you know that indoor plants can provide multiple benefits to your daily routine? Not only does it improve the interior design of your living space but studies have shown that it can boost your productivity and mood as well. It can also serve more practical purposes including eliminating air pollutants by absorbing toxins, increasing humidity & producing oxygen.

    Healthline also states that indoor plants may also aid in concentration and creativity. With many individuals continuing to work remotely from home, indoor plants can be an excellent way to enhance your living space to become more habitable. Follow us and stay tuned for more useful tips on how to embark on your wellness journey.

    Photo Credit: @aalipatplants

  • We are introducing our new branding initiative focused on keeping your wellness in mind. Begin. Believe. Become. Beyond. Be Well.

    Belford Properties is a developer that designs homes that emphasize health and wellness and choosing superior and accessible locations for your next home. The location of your home can enhance your social connections which are crucial to a well-balanced lifestyle. We strongly believe that your living space can affect your overall mental and physical health. The homes we build are also built to improve your diet, fitness, self-care, mindfulness, sleep, and more.

    Begin – The first step on your self-improvement and wellness journey. “Health is a state of the body, Wellness is a state of mind.

  • The holiday season is a time for celebrating, relaxing, and enjoying time with family and friends. While it is the most wonderful time of the year, the foods that the holiday season are often surrounded by can also take a toll on your health. Take some time and make yourself and your loved ones a nutritious and delicious meal. 😋

    Photo credit: @feliciasfabfoodz

  • Belford Properties would like to express a very Merry Christmas to everyone. This is looking like a very different holiday season than other years but we know it can still be enjoyable because there is so much to be grateful for.

    There are also some exciting announcements to share, we will launch our new branding and website in January 2021, your health and wellness related living needs are our significant focus. The website will be designed to ensure accessibility and provide useful information on our developments and jumpstart your self improvement journey in the new year.

    Belford Properties is also moving to a new office in 2021 at #540 – 1199 West Pender Street, Vancouver BC. Follow us to stay tuned for more updates and check out our website belfordproperties.ca in the new year!

  • Did you know that according to CTV News, the average Canadian takes an average of 4,819 steps a day? This is less than the global average of 5,000 steps or roughly 4km. The amount of walking that we are all doing may have gone down due to the pandemic as well.

    Try to remember to take a break out of your busy days and enjoy a cold-weather walk. To increase physical activity, you can also increase your walking by 1,000 extra steps a day every two weeks.

    📸 Photo Credit: @izel.explore

  • Are you or someone you know looking to make a smart Real Estate investment in Vancouver? The time has never been better with the mortgage rates being at an all-time low.

    BMO (Bank of Montreal) is offering a conventional mortgage with flexible options and 30-year amortizations. You will be entitled to the lowest posted Builder Rate for the term selected at the time of application and this will be held for 36 months. The timing is also perfect aligned with Belford’s Sun Towers construction finishing also within 36 months.

    The best part is that there are no application, administration, or appraisal fees at all. There are also no regrets because if the rate for the term you selected declines in the 90 days prior to your mortgage advance, your rate will be automatically adjusted to reflect the lowest rate for that same term. You can also inquire about BMO Mortgage Protection Insurance to protect your valuable assets in any scenario.

    The rates can be held for up to 36 months from the date of your application and are subject to change. If there any questions about this specific mortgage, contact the Mortgage specialists, Barrett Eng (barrett.eng.bmo.com) or Bryan Xu ([email protected]) at BMO.

    Consider Belford’s New Sun Towers 2 Developments for the purchase of your future home or ideal investment opportunity. Sun Towers has a superior location, elite amenities, and your wellness in mind so check out our website for more information.

  • Belford is a strong believer in healthy eating and wellness. Take some time out of your busy schedule and spend time making yourself or members of your household a home-cooked meal. Spending time and talking with your loved ones over food can be conducive to your mental health.

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