How we design
our homes to improve health

Social Connection

It’s human nature to seek human interaction. Socialization is the number one factor in determining your mental and physical health.  So we diligently plan and program as much as that ‘feel-good’ buzz space into our buildings as we can.

Location And Space

Promoting movement and active lifestyle. It begins with choosing communities that are well connected to transportation options, services and green space. Then we carefully plan amenity and spaces into our buildings that provide options for movement and social gathering.

Better Sleep

Good sleep is a major factor in achieving wellness balance. We focus on noise and light reduction and air quality so that once your head hits the pillow you rest soundly without interruption.

Quality Air

Often indoor air contains more harmful particles than outdoor. Air purification through circulation and improved filtration reduces contaminants, pollutants and odors. Better health, better sleep. Better peace of mind.

Quality Water

We look at ways to improve water quality in your home. This could mean dual filtration, once at access to your building, and again at the tap in your home. Cleaner, better water that is more environmentally friendly.


Adequate amounts of light improves mood and energy levels, while poor lighting contributes to depression and other deficiencies in the body. The amount and type of lighting directly affect concentration, appetite, mood, sleep and many other aspects of daily life.

Thermal Comfort

A comfortable and consistent environment has a positive impact. We’ve introduced smart thermostat heating and cooling, luxurious underfoot radiant heating in select areas for warmth and comfort.

  • Social Connection
  • Location And Space
  • Better Sleep
  • Quality Air
  • Quality Water
  • Lighting
  • Thermal Comfort
70% Of Our Time Is Spent Indoors At Home
But Is It Healthy Time?
Very often the magnificence of a home is displayed through appliance brand or countertop material.
However, often very little focus is placed on creating a healthy indoor environment. In fact, many indoor environments are detrimental to ourhealth.
Artificial lighting and ambient light can affect sleep quality.
Noise can cause sleep disruption and anxiety.
Air quality can affect healthy breathing function and rest.
Water can carry potentially harmful chemicals.
Disconnection from nature can adversely affect mental and physical health.
At Belford,
“We put people’s wellness at the centre of the Conception, design, creation and redevelopment of our Homes. “

When we undertake a project we proactively design and build to support the holistic health of residents in the social, physical and mental spheres.

We will continue to study and evolve our living environments to meet arising issues. New health challenges will emerge as times evolve, cities expand and populations grow. We will continue to meet those challenges with a focus on improving the health and wellness of the residents who call our communities home.
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