Mother’s Day at Belford Experience Centre was over-the-top, in its most pleasant sense. The event has two concurrent themes: a flower-arranging workshop and a live Steinway piano concert.

The flower-arranging workshop was no child’s play. Belford prepared all the supplies including branch cutters, foams, and flower food. A flower-arranging teacher was there to guide attendees on selecting, trimming, and colour-coordinating flowers. 

The live concert was brought on by students from the Vancouver Bright Orange Music Studio. Musical notes danced all over the place, making this love-filled occasion all the more blissful.

Attendees also got their photos taken professionally at the real-sized Sun Towers suite model. Those family portraits set against the Sun Towers living room were incredibly realistic, as though the families were actually living in one of the Sun Towers suites. The photos sure got minds running wild.

The Mother’s Day celebration was part of Belford’s effort to be a lifestyle expert. Real estate can feel rigid and cold, but a home is ultimately about the lifestyle it helps cultivate. What kind of lifestyle do you lead? What kind of lifestyle do you aspire to? Let Belford join you on this spiritual awakening.