Belford believes in a bottom-up approach in making our community a better place. And that means we recognize the importance of nurturing the individuals and their families. We started with those we had direct influence over: our realtors.

The Colours of Summer was our annual free summer realtor event that brought together realtors and their families in Burnaby Central Park. No suits allowed. They were free to roam the maze, watch stilt-walking stunts, get their portraits done by sketch artists, enjoy live music, create print art, and play balloon darts, among others. Kids could get their face painted.

There was also a Belford-themed scavenger hunt with the grand prizes being various discounts on Sun Towers Phase II purchases.

At Belford, work is a part of life. And this shouldn’t be a daunting, threatening statement because we are invested in helping our realtors find their authentic selves across all domains of life, be it personal, familial, professional, or communal.