The time we have all been waiting for has come. In October of 2020, Belford Properties held a Topping Off event to celebrate the momentous completion of Sun Towers 1. Belford thanks all of the distinguished guests who came including the City of Burnaby Mayor, Mike Hurley, Burnaby City Councillors James Wang and Pietro Calendino, and Antonia Beck, the Executive Director of the Burnaby Neighbourhood House.

Mayor Hurley made an inspiring and eloquently put speech about the future of Metrotown as Burnaby’s downtown core and how Belford plays an immense role in this plan. Hurley emphasized that it was only 2 years ago that the Metrotown Downtown Community Plan was released and how Belford has already exceeded their expectations in providing vital resources to the community. A significant benefit that Sun Towers 1 has provided is much-needed and a sizeable amount of childcare spaces for families. Sun Towers 1 is also mixed-use and is made up of valuable office space, retail, and restaurant spaces for the area.

Belford is unique in focusing on the wellness of its residents with the stunning space design and amenities. Sun Towers 1’s location is exceptionally praise-worthy as the development adds to the future of a sustainable and socially connected community. The location is easily accessible to everything that one would need and is truly a hub for all residents of Metro Vancouver. This includes parks and nature, grocery, a variety of cuisine and entertainment and will add to a positive living space for any lifestyle. The development is conveniently only minutes away from the Skytrain line and from BC’s largest shopping centre, Metropolis at Metrotown. Antonia Beck, Executive Director of the Burnaby Neighbourhood House also emphasized that the neighbourhood house is next door and would bring great value to residents.

The Topping Off event for Sun Towers marked a momentous milestone towards Belford’s vision to build new homes and contribute to the future of Metrotown. Mayor Hurley also stated that he is excited to partner with us in the future to create more dream homes. Belford would again like to thank everyone who made this development happen including our lenders, partners at the City of Burnaby, and the neighbours and residents of Burnaby. The Sun Towers 1 will be ready to move in this summer for residents.