Sun Towers Phase One was 90% sold within ten days and hit a new record of Burnaby presale market. This feat was made all the more impressive with 90% of the buyers being local and more than 95% of all buyers following through to close their purchases.

There, we also formally launched our commercial project THE CENTRE. Situated right in the heart of Metrotown, THE CENTRE would encompass 70,000 sq ft of AAA-graded office space and 30,000 sq ft of retail space, including a large daycare.

THE CENTRE would be no ordinary commercial space. It would be a community of education and inspiration. Belford was proud to unveil the internationally acclaimed DIALOG firm as our architectural team. With numerous awards under its belt, DIALOG was also behind the design of Edmonton International Airport’s central tower and the City of Vancouver’s 0.8-acre central park.

In collaboration with our new partner, the Vancouver Art Gallery, THE CENTRE would feature a gallery space with seasonal exhibitions as well as art decor dispersed throughout the building. Johanie Marcoux, Director of Marketing, Communications and Public Affairs at Vancouver Art Gallery, spoke on our mutual commitment to featuring local artwork through the gallery’s non-for-profit Art Rental and Sales Program.

For Belford, it’s never just the building, just the location, or just the facilities. Every piece is woven together in harmony to breathe life. We are more than an assembler of bricks and mortars. We are a shaper of the community.

For more information and updates about Sun Towers, please check the project website down below.