We believe in art. A pencil doodling is art. A carefree twirling is art. A casual humming is art. But to mindfully study art, that’s where the real difference begins. And that’s how the Umbrella Wall Art came to be.

In collaboration with Burnaby Neighbourhood House, Belford sponsored after-school art education to children at Maywood Community School after the Burnaby School Board removed art from its elementary school curriculum for budgetary reasons. Through sponsoring art education, we hoped to inspire challenge, creativity, and compassion, all of which are part and parcel of a holistic life experience.

The Umbrella Wall Art was a culmination of our aspirations and the Maywood Community School children’s talents. The children designed Raincouver themed art pieces to decorate the Sun Towers construction fence overlooking the Metrotown SkyTrain Station. A 2,050-bulb LED installment was put in place to complement the decorated fence which doubled as a public art and donation box with 100% of the proceeds going to the Burnaby Neighbourhood House.

Aside from slowing down hurried footsteps and drawing out smiles from passers-by, the vibrant colours connected people of all ages and backgrounds through art.

That was how Belford injected life into the community. Through awakening and nourishing the artists that dwelled in every one of these children. We know life would never be bleak as long as there is art. And art exists wherever there is an artist.